More than 15 years ago with a used Canon film camera in hand, I began to teach myself how to translate what I saw into what I captured on film. Shortly thereafter, I discovered nature and wildlife photography, and my enjoyment of the outdoors was joined with a newfound passion for photography. As my skill as a photographer has grown, I’ve gone from just taking pictures to creating images and stories to match. More recently, I’ve begun to search out and capture the adventurers who push beyond the edges and go where most people choose to stop.

A compelling image is more than a “pretty picture” — it needs a purpose, it requires a message, it has to tell or be a part of a story that touches the viewer. When I release the shutter, my goal is to create something that is at once simple and yet complex. The image itself needs to arrest the viewer, to hold their attention long enough to make them wonder what the image is about, and to get them to spend time considering the elements and appreciating the entirety of the scene and the story unfolding in front of them.

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(Your images) truly are the epitome of artistry. According to Merriam-Webster, photography is the art, process, or job of taking pictures with a camera. Of course this is right, but photography is so much more than that. It’s a new perspective on life. I think you understood this message perfectly. Your shots are beautiful.

Jenny Nguyen

What I’ve always liked about Brendan Quigley’s photography is it very often sparks my imagination. The images tend to transcend their subjects which makes viewing them so much more than looking at a pretty picture. Enjoy!

Brian McGarity