Making Plans

EWR > SFO > DIA > JAC > DIA > EWR No, that’s not some secret code.  But the time for me to travel is close at hand once again, and that’s my flight itinerary in “airline speak”.  After a few days of visiting home (San Francisco) where I’ll be eating sourdough bread and watching … Read more

Wildflower Photography

Getting to photograph wildflowers is a gift. Take a moment to consider how many forces of nature have to come together to give us a photo worthy wildflower season. Appreciating this simple fact can send you into the field potentially photographing blindly with excitement. Here are a few core concepts that we can keep in mind as we … Read more

Quality of Rust

Everybody hates rust. Except, perhaps, some photographers. Rust has two qualities that we look for in a subject: color and texture. Rusted metal has a color that only can be described as “rust”, it’s a reddish brown that is particular shade of awesome. As you begin to look closer at your rusty subject, you will … Read more