Clean Is Our Mantra

TECH TIP  OK … this isn’t about Hazel or Mr. Clean from television fame.  But when you consider your camera gear, know that maintenance and regular cleaning is a requirement each time your camera gets used, abused, or any treatment in between. Every time you head out into the field, there’s a chance that something … Read more

Graduated Neutral Density Filters

Imagine if you will … a rectangular glass or resin filter, where one half of the filter has a “coating” that controls the light hitting your sensor yet doesn’t add a color cast to your image. That, my friends, is a Neutral Density Filter and you’ll find it an indispensable part of your kit.  Where a Circular Filter allows you … Read more

Delete Is Good

There are plenty of lessons to learn while processing photos. In addition to critiquing how you framed your subject, look to exposure and focus, ISO and shutter speed. Each and every element of your photo has its own story to tell.  The info you’ll find in the Develop Module in Lightroom is key to better photography. However, before you begin using this … Read more

Wildflower Photography

Getting to photograph wildflowers is a gift. Take a moment to consider how many forces of nature have to come together to give us a photo worthy wildflower season. Appreciating this simple fact can send you into the field potentially photographing blindly with excitement. Here are a few core concepts that we can keep in mind as we … Read more

Quality of Rust

Everybody hates rust. Except, perhaps, some photographers. Rust has two qualities that we look for in a subject: color and texture. Rusted metal has a color that only can be described as “rust”, it’s a reddish brown that is particular shade of awesome. As you begin to look closer at your rusty subject, you will … Read more