Delete Is Good

There are plenty of lessons to learn while processing photos. In addition to critiquing how you framed your subject, look to exposure and focus, ISO and shutter speed. Each and every element of your photo has its own story to tell.  The info you’ll find in the Develop Module in Lightroom is key to better photography. However, before you begin using this module to process your images, there’s another lesson to learn.

That lesson is  “Delete is Good”.

Photographers fail images for one of two primary reasons, typically artistic flaw or a technical flaws. Getting rid of images that don’t meet your personal criteria is often a difficult experience for photographers. The “delete” key should be viewed as a tool that keeps you on track and helps you concentrate on the best images in your portfolio. Look at how your images progress over the course of shooting and how you honed in on your subject.

As you process your images, think back to the time you created the image. And then you’ll be able to analyze where you started each sequence of images and where you ended up. Note how they changed, and keep those lessons in mind as you return to the field on your next trip with a clean memory card and fresh eyes.

Deleting unacceptable images is a sign that you are attempting new ideas and pushing your boundaries.  This is how you learn more about the craft of photography, putting you well on your way to becoming a better photographer.