New Year, New Beginnings

As we begin to scratch the surface of 2016 and leave the remains of 2015 behind us, it is a time of new beginnings, grand resolutions and for me, my new Website.

As I type this, my introductory blog post, I’m imagining how to relate my feelings as I launch this site, which has been floating around in my head for a long, long time.  It is an odd mix of excitement, fear, and a dash of “first day of school” jitters.

I’m excited because I have hundreds of images either ready to go or in the process of being optimized and made ready for you to see here on the web.  I’ve got thousands more on deck and standing by for processing.  Some are years old and were originally shot on slide film.  Others are available from the digital captures I’ve gathered more recently, and there’s more where they came from.  And with the photography plans I’ve got in place for 2016, there is bound to be plenty of great stuff ahead.  Birds and mammals, landscape, adventure and more, I hope to provide a wide variety of images here on my website.  You’ll see what I consider to be among my finest work, and I hope you’ll agree with me.

The fear follows along with the images you’ll see here.  Art, anyone’s art, is a glimpse deep into the eyes and soul of its creator.  I’ve spent my professional life making other people’s art come to life, so opening myself up and putting my art and soul out for all to see is … scary.  I hope you like what you see here.

Probably the oddest feeling is akin to starting that first day of school in September.  I distinctly recall my new pens and pencils, binder, notepad and book bag at the ready. As it comes time to head across the street to the SF Muni 66 Quintara bus and head to school, I can almost feel the excitement of that first day hanging in the air.  And if you’ll remember, school got old and tired after a while, with recess only offsetting so much of the drudgery of the day.  I don’t want my website to get bogged down in drudgery; keeping it clean, simple, fresh and interesting are my goals.  I hope you’ll find it as interesting as I plan on making it.

To my friends and family who’ve supported me along the way I thank you.  To the new friends I’ve yet to meet, I look forward to your support and friendship.  Feel free to reach out to me via the Contact Page, leave a comment after my blog posts (sadly I don’t have a schedule yet for them yet) and most of all sign up for my newsletter.  It is  sure to be unique, especially since I don’t know what it will contain yet!

Welcome to 2016, now let’s get started …

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