Brendan Quigley Stock is a boutique marketplace for creative adventure and outdoor lifestyle photography and story concept licensing.

Brendan Quigley Photography Stock

Brendan Quigley Stock is a boutique marketplace for creative adventure and outdoor lifestyle photography and story concept licensing. The goal is to create a uniquely curated stock photography licensing website that showcases the absolute best in outdoor sports, adventure lifestyle and nature related photography. Each photograph included within this online library has been specifically chosen to provide the widest variety of imagery without repetitive compositions or sequences. Take a look at our photography, then check out our straightforward pricing model available to clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Our mission is to provide photo buyers and marketing professionals with photography from a unique perspective, one that isn’t available elsewhere in the photography marketplace. Unlike the major photo stock houses, our desire is to focus on understanding our clients corporate goals and perspective, and to establish a relationship where we work for you to get you the content that you need for your specialized project.  We want to help separate your brand from your competition. 

Brendan’s current file contains photographs from unique locations in Northern Alaska to the far reaches of the Patagonia region of South America. In addition, his travel plans give clients the opportunity to attach a custom needs project to his travel schedule. Ultimately, this produces a cost savings for you, the client, while effectively supporting the message you’re trying to promote.

Contact us with your idea, and we will work closely with your team to craft the marketing campaign that best promotes your product, service or concept. We look forward to combining our photography and story-telling capabilities with your corporate message to create a custom marketing package that exceeds your wildest imagination. 

New photographs which highlight Brendan’s best work are being uploaded regularly, but our stock service is only just beginning to take shape. Please reach out to us if you don’t immediately find the photos you are looking for. We are happy to discuss how best to serve your needs, and please continue to

Fine Art Photography Prints

Whether you are an interior designer or someone just wanting to add a photo to your home or office, we can help fulfill your needs. All of the photos on this stock site are available as open edition prints. You can order loose, unframed prints of any photo directly by clicking on search, browse, or collections in the menu above and choosing a favorite photo. In addition to loose prints, we also offer custom sized, matted, and framed photos. Contact Us with your specific requirements and we can build a custom proposal just for you.