Quality of Rust

Everybody hates rust. Except, perhaps, some photographers. Rust has two qualities that we look for in a subject: color and texture. Rusted metal has a color that only can be described as “rust”, it’s a reddish brown that is particular shade of awesome. As you begin to look closer at your rusty subject, you will begin to see the unique texture that rusted metal provides. As water begins to oxidize the surface, layers of metal flake away leaving slightly different colors of rust and an uneven texture that is interesting in its own right. Add original paint on the surface of the metal and your subject becomes unique, and that very uniqueness is what holds the viewer’s attention. Mix in additional elements like chrome from an old car or tall grass in front of a fender and your abstract composition just achieved a new level of photographic perfection. Within the rust, consider how light and dark space can compliment each other, or look to outside elements to try and provide contrasting or complimentary colors to give your image a colorful pop. With a little luck you’ll find that rust can be a successful design element to your abstract photos.