Wildflower Photography

Getting to photograph wildflowers is a gift. Take a moment to consider how many forces of nature have to come together to give us a photo worthy wildflower season. Appreciating this simple fact can send you into the field potentially photographing blindly with excitement. Here are a few core concepts that we can keep in mind as we attempt to bring home stronger wildflower photos. Use a wide angle lens to include a strong foreground, middle ground, and background. The key to this technique is to get really close to the flowers – by close I mean mere inches. Next up, forget just the simple macro of a flower. You need to find something more enticing in there…spiders, bees, stick insects and even snails lurk in flowers depending on the time of year and your location. So be sure to look closely in and around your subject flower. Finally, be aware of the angle and quality of your light. Backlight and sidelight can produce more dramatic wildflowers than a front light situation. Now combine backlight with wide angle or macro and you have a winning shot!